Redeeming a Failed Kickstarter Product

Published on Nov 22, 2021
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Allen Pan - Sufficiently Advanced
Allen Pan - Sufficiently Advanced
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    Michael Superbacker

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      Fellow_weeb ._.

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      The most dedicated person in the world its hime

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      Ayo Wtf

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    3 minutes ago

    Everyone walking by you will be your mortal enemy

  • Azeriphale


    17 minutes ago

    Does Natt have a youtube channel.

  • fort vlogs

    fort vlogs

    23 minutes ago

    so many places that this video was recorded in aka Hacksmith jlazer and prob many other places

  • Charlene Smith

    Charlene Smith

    27 minutes ago

    when i first saw the thumbnail i thought it was an umbrella that made it rain on you

  • Lmap Penos

    Lmap Penos

    40 minutes ago

    Hey I have that leaf blower! Also I think it's cool how all these YouTubers are friends with each other.



    52 minutes ago

    Hi michal

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    Jo mama

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    Michael Superbacker man say’s one word 500 people instantly respond lol

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    Omg is that Michael superbacker

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    Hour ago

    So... do you still want it?

  • kaden mcfarland

    kaden mcfarland

    Hour ago

    What get the leaf blower and make the umbrella part fit around the leaf blow and convert it to be a little smaller so whenever air is going through the tube it will create more air pressure and make a better umbrella? in cad software you would have to loft it to be able to convert it smaller to get more air pressure.

  • Daley Patzer

    Daley Patzer

    Hour ago

    Let go

  • Philip


    Hour ago

    I love how all these videos become
    constant collaborations between so many great creators

  • Lionblaze


    Hour ago

    just casually has space x starship in the background

  • Joshua Bencivenga

    Joshua Bencivenga

    Hour ago

    similar thing happens when you ride in a convertible with the top down while its raining. so long as you go quicker than 35 your pretty dry

  • dum carrot

    dum carrot

    Hour ago

    At 1:50 that was me watch umbrella academy

  • Wyld Stealer

    Wyld Stealer

    2 hours ago

    this is the avengers endgame of youtube videos

  • brett gerlach

    brett gerlach

    2 hours ago

    So she’s a man?

  • Gabrial Yale

    Gabrial Yale

    2 hours ago

    The crossover of the century. Even GOD HIMSELF got involved.

  • Allison Allison

    Allison Allison

    2 hours ago

    This video mind- effed me. He either referenced, featured, or filmed in most of my go-to channels. 🤯 Everyone is connected and we are all in the Matrix. Love this guy!

  • Exitof99


    2 hours ago

    Screw Bluehost, they are part of Endurance International Group which owns about 90 other brands. They offer terrible service knowing that anyone frustrated enough to leave will wind up unknowingly leave to another host owned by EIG, so they have no interest in providing a good service.

  • eioshen boboi

    eioshen boboi

    2 hours ago

    I love how wren and all these other youtubers universally enjoy allen and are in the socal area so we get these great cameos

  • Wilson Wong

    Wilson Wong

    2 hours ago

    Bro was literally just following anything air umbrella related

  • bommer yeet

    bommer yeet

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    • eioshen boboi

      eioshen boboi

      2 hours ago

      You guys should try compressing the air into a tighter tube, same air intake but more pressure on the way out.

  • Lucas Barton

    Lucas Barton

    2 hours ago

    Everyone gangster until you pull up with your air umbrella

  • Newstorycreator


    2 hours ago

    Hi micheal

  • bommer yeet

    bommer yeet

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  • Joshua Rogers Sr.

    Joshua Rogers Sr.

    2 hours ago

    You made an actual air umbrella for a Living & Breathing Real Person Meme.
    *Impressive; most impressive*

  • Louis UwU

    Louis UwU

    2 hours ago

    Its the legend himself

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    Bob Bozo

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    Lol Michael has more likes on his comment then the video xD😂

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    Can't believe michael really just happened to get recommended this

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    Lol Its Clay

    2 hours ago

    we pretending that dude is a she are we?

  • João Peixoto

    João Peixoto

    2 hours ago

    If the tube and head were smaller and the entrances too, wouldn't the air go out stronger?

  • mart mart

    mart mart

    2 hours ago

    if theres 2 layers or 3, not from same one air source, maybe it could work, but that would be bulky and not worh it

  • Dimbutdark


    3 hours ago

    this is the biggest collab in youtube history

  • Deena


    3 hours ago

    4,182 Michael's and counting...

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    Wigi Will

    3 hours ago

    1 week ago from now he commented

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    Itz Tasc

    3 hours ago

    the one and only man be like hello
    ur more famous than Elon musk

  • EliteDire4K


    3 hours ago

    You guys should try compressing the air into a tighter tube, same air intake but more pressure on the way out.

  • 83mike860


    3 hours ago

    She?!? U mean he.. 😂🤣

  • poopoop117


    3 hours ago

    how is it possible for me to get one of these.

  • Bored


    3 hours ago

    MIcheal is so determined it's not even funny

  • Longshot Airsoft

    Longshot Airsoft

    3 hours ago

    squid game

  • Frankie


    3 hours ago

    This is Liu Bei going three times to see Zhuge Liang if I ever saw it.

  • Excessively Gaming

    Excessively Gaming

    3 hours ago

    Get more colabs

  • Excessively Gaming

    Excessively Gaming

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  • Nick0las Jones

    Nick0las Jones

    3 hours ago

    By she you mean he.

  • Random Noises

    Random Noises

    3 hours ago

    ngl i thought this was stolen was "I did a thing" lol

  • WAMPA107


    4 hours ago

    wow hes here

  • Alkatron


    4 hours ago

    music being used in the video sometimes: Fugent - Lupus Nocte

  • Mariposa Gold

    Mariposa Gold

    4 hours ago

    I need an update.

  • Jędrzej Koszewski

    Jędrzej Koszewski

    4 hours ago

    How to break this comment section?
    Step 1. Have a nick "Michael Superbacker".
    Step 2. Profit.

  • Eggzy The Gaming Guy

    Eggzy The Gaming Guy

    4 hours ago

    The man himself... Finaly responded.

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    Tyler Jones

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  • A monke

    A monke

    4 hours ago

    0:39ooh don’t mind if i do

  • Dan Oberhaus

    Dan Oberhaus

    4 hours ago

    I live in New Zealand, a very rainy climate. I would love this and would use it and will send videos to prove it.

  • Lyph


    4 hours ago

    so we aint gonna talk about he almost stole I Did A Thing's thumnail exactly.

  • Archie The Dog

    Archie The Dog

    4 hours ago

    Pretty sure I got this video recommendation because I watched Moist Critikal talk about this kickstarter. Never heard of you before this but the holy algorithm came through.

  • Crimson


    4 hours ago

    I got 10 subs without posting a vid lol

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    4 hours ago

    We need to tell Charlie about this, master moist must hear this amazing news!!! Someone get penguinz0 in here!!!

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    Glor Butric

    4 hours ago

    There are so many people casually involved in this, it's so funny to me

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    Brickhead Pi 3141

    4 hours ago

    I don’t like one two

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    Miranda Qvist

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    Yaaayyy i dig a thing

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    5 hours ago

    Bro went to like 50 you tubers in one video

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    Micheal Fullington

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    Naco007 alextintor

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    Oh lord he is coming

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    chris miller

    5 hours ago

    Is that Hacksmith Industries logo in the background at 10:05

  • Mr Giggles

    Mr Giggles

    5 hours ago

    Omg the air umbrella spirit of vengeance is here

  • Mighty


    5 hours ago

    thats a he not a she

  • -e- -g-

    -e- -g-

    5 hours ago

    It's probably Michael from Love on the Spectrum

  • Joel Cotton

    Joel Cotton

    5 hours ago

    You need to make the air outlets way thinner.

  • Literally anything else would work

    Literally anything else would work

    5 hours ago

    Bro Allen’s talking to all of my fav creators today!

  • Kaviyan Eskandari

    Kaviyan Eskandari

    5 hours ago

    That thumbnail looks like the one from I did a thing

  • AnarchistAaron


    5 hours ago

    Think the idea is to use a thin jet of air in a circle rather than large volumes of turbulent air. Similar to a Dyson Blade hand dryer

  • Casazoro


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  • Chuck Haney

    Chuck Haney

    5 hours ago

    It was good until I saw people wearing masks and a guy with boobs. Down vote and outta here. Get Well Soon!

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  • Eudy Pastor

    Eudy Pastor

    5 hours ago

    make it into a backpack

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    Richaun Ferreira

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    He is here 😃😃😄😄😐😐😑😐😑😐😑😐😑😐

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    Peter Montero

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    yesss michael superbacker commented lets gooo

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    u been wating for it for 7 YEARS ?!?!

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    Man went all over the country

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    Panda PvPz

    6 hours ago

    *walks next to someone using a normal umbrella*
    *they get completely soaked*

  • Max Thrust

    Max Thrust

    6 hours ago

    I just want that sweet electric leaf blower, what leaf blower is that?

  • FatherofApokalypse


    6 hours ago

    I find it funny that you ended up at both corridor and hacksmith in one episode. One is in California and the other is in Canada!

  • skivvywaver


    7 hours ago

    I hope everybody subscribes to Michael Superbacker's channel. He has no content so your page won't get clogged with useless crap.

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    Jimmy Montoya

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    I got excited just seeing wren😂🙌🏻

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    Apexai 17

    7 hours ago

    The fact that he’s in the hacksmith shop.

  • ash strauch

    ash strauch

    7 hours ago

    he was at the hacksmiths place for the sponser

  • Shepard Shep

    Shepard Shep

    7 hours ago

    @AllenPan I love the result that you came up with and the piece that the designer came up with for the piece at the top. I am an amateur engineer and I don't know if you have thought of this or not; or if it has already been mentioned (I do not read ALL the comments). But the orange piece at the top is cutting the air force projected by the leaf blower, by some factor, (I'm not sure of the force that the Leaf blower puts out so I will not surmise numbers); the rest of that force is being projected horizontally. Perhaps, if you could adjust the "vents" on the orange piece in a more vertical position you could gain some of that force projected by the leaf blower and get a better result in the harder rain? Hope this helps!

  • DaMegaTaco LilSeaDog

    DaMegaTaco LilSeaDog

    7 hours ago

    Michael is like Lil' Jimmy who just wanted his Segshoes xD

  • Apexai 17

    Apexai 17

    7 hours ago

    This man is like Kaladin from storm light archive

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    yawa ofori

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  • Charles Enbom

    Charles Enbom

    7 hours ago

    Damn I wanted to reply to Michaels comment but I can't wait to see the part 2

  • Mike Adams

    Mike Adams

    7 hours ago

    Imagine a dyson fan style with more power

  • Hey mang, Wassup mang

    Hey mang, Wassup mang

    7 hours ago

    Why am I crying as I read that the dude actually commented this is legitimately insane

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    Dungeon Miser

    7 hours ago

    How do stupid people get so much money?

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